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Our speakers educate and inform our members about topics that impact Flint Township and surrounding communities. Meetings are open to the public. Everyone buys their own lunch.

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Our 50/50 raffle at each meeting and various other fundraisers provide for scholarships to high school students and adult learners.

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The purpose of the West Flint Business Association shall be to bring together business, professional, industrial, governmental and other civic leaders for the purpose of educating and informing them of the activities and interests of the West Flint area. In addition, the association shall promote a constant exchange of ideas, experiences and networking between members.

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KWA Pipeline – Jeff Wright

  Jeff Wright, Genesee County Drain Commissioner, presented a slide show of the pipe building process that begins at Lake Huron. Below, a hard hat bearing stickers from every company involved with building the pipeline. Construction of the Karegnondi Water Authority (KWA) pipeline will not only be a game changer for water costs and quality in Genesee County but also a boon for the state’s food processing industry, according to Jeff Wright, Genesee County Drain Commissioner and KWA CEO. Wright provided an update and long term vision for the new KWA water pipeline, in a presentation last week to the West Flint Business Association. Wright said the estimated $233 million project in on schedule and under budget and expected to be ready to deliver raw water to the city of Flint water treatment plant at Dort Highway and Stewart Avenue by June 2016. But it could take another six months or so for Genesee County to build its own Water Treatment Facility to serve the rest of county which will likely continue using water supplied by Detroit until early 2017. [http://flinttownshipview.mihomepaper.com/sites/flinttownshipview.mihomepaper.com/files/images/2015-03-26/1p2.preview.jpg]<http://flinttownshipview.mihomepaper.com/sites/flinttownshipview.mihomepaper.com/files/images/2015-03-26/1p2.jpg>When completed, the pipeline will deliver water pumped from Lake Huron to three counties including Lapeer and Sanilac. Besides supplying water to residential customers, the new pipeline also holds promise for industrial and agricultural business customers, Wright said. Untreated water is preferred by food processors because they don’t have to remove chlorine and other chemicals from it. The Michigan Agri-Business Association and Michigan Farm Bureau are among supporters who have endorsed the pipeline, Wright said. Being able to sell the raw water at an affordable rate makes the pipeline... read more

Scholarship Applications Accepted

Scholorships – The West Flint Business Association sponsors three Scholorships each year for area students. The Adult Learner Student Scholarship is designed for individuals in the work force and who are trying to improve themselves by furthering their education. The High School Community Service Scholarship is designed to assist a high school senior in achieving his/her goal of a college education. The WFBA/Curbco/Swartz Creek Chamber of Commerce Scholarship is designed to assist a high school senior who intends to continue their education in a related specialty vocational area at a post secondary institution. Information on how to submit an application is located on the application form, which can be downloaded from this link.    ... read more

Kildee Debates Opponent at WFBA Forum

Democrat Congressman Dan Kildee Debates Republican Challenger Allen Hardwick at the West Flint Business Association Meeting Bу Rhonda S. Sanders 810-452-2665 * rsanders@mihomepaper.com FLINT TWP. – Fracking regulations, bipartisan cooperation, Right tо Work legislation аnd economic recovery strategies wеrе аmоng topics debated bу Michigan 5th Congressional District candidates Dan Kildee аnd Allen Hardwick, аt a forum hosted lаѕt week bу thе West Flint Business Association. Kildee, thе Democrat incumbent аnd Hardwick, thе Republican challenger, mаdе opening аnd closing remarks аnd responded tо provided questions. Hardwick described himself аѕ аn Information Technology professional whо hаѕ owned a small соmрutеr business fоr 17 years. Hе аlѕо said hе hаѕ studied theology аnd іѕ active іn ministry. “As уоu know mаnу people аrе concerned thаt thіѕ county іѕ headed іn thе wrong direction,” hе said іn hіѕ opening remarks. “The wау I look аt іt, I саn sit аnd complain аbоut іt оr I саn help tо change іt. Whаt I want tо bring tо thе table іѕ tо bе a true public servant bringing common sense bасk tо Washington.” Sоmе оf hіѕ interests аrе developing domestic energy, lowering thе corporate tax rate, job creation аnd securing U.S. borders. Kildee cited hіѕ 30-year record оf public service including аѕ Genesee County treasurer, county commissioner аnd founder оf thе Land bank. “My work іn congress speaks fоr itself,” hе said. “My role іѕ tо bе аn advocate fоr оur region … tо try tо grow thе economy fіrѕt аnd foremost аnd tо gеt bасk tо thе kind оf economic growth thаt provides wealth, nоt just fоr thе fеw, but fоr everyone.” Hе cited... read more